About Bucky


Bucky Ceramic Studio is founded by me, Peggy Geens.  

In my ceramic endeavors, I draw from my architectural background, blending design expertise with the tactile and artistic aspects of working with clay.

I want to write a testament to the power of curiosity, adaptation, and the limitless possibilities that emerge when one follows their passion.

If you've got any further queries please send me a message at peggygeens@icloud.com or call me +32477996651.


I was born in Germany, moved to Belgium and studied at:
-LUCA / School of Arts Master in architecture
-Academy of Visual Arts Anderlecht Ceramics


-Ken Yutdanai Sripaiboon – Thailand – How to slipcast sculptures – The Ceramics Congress November 2020
-Hirotsune Tashima – Japan – Sculpting large figures – The Ceramics Congress November 2020
-Vicente Garcia – USA – How to get amazing results with saggar firing –The Ceramics Congress November 2020
-Cameron Williams – AUS – Throwing BIG pots in sections – The Ceramics Congress November 2020
-Matt Katz -Glaze of our Lives: Understanding Glazes University Edition 2020


2024 - The legacy of Pierre Culot with Olivier Hermia

A journey of artistic mastery and expression at the Atelier Pierre Culot, led by ceramic potter Olivier Hermia - Large-scale ceramics


Group/solo Exhibitions:

2022 — ‘Afstudeerprojecten’, Academy of Visual Arts, Anderlecht,BE
2019 — ‘Staf Beerten ontmoet Pieter Bruegel’, Galerij Bel-Art, Beringen,BE